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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Quite a lengthy application process but seemingly similar to the majority of graduate jobs right now. Initial application and online aptitude tests (numerical and verbal reasoning), followed by online recorded video interview. Then face to face interview followed by final assessment centre day. My best advice would be to try and relate any and all experiences to the role you are applying for. Some seemingly irrelevant skills can be really valued by the employer."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Make sure you understand the testing procedure before applying and do all the practice tests available. On assessment days, don't just sit back and let others do all the talking and make the decisions."
Graduate, London
"I recommend doing plenty of research. Going for a job without knowing the company can make you look very foolish."
Graduate, Cumbria
"Know basic engineering concepts, show your best self. Don't be too competitive in the group interview, this is not The Apprentice."
Graduate, London
"Prepare your experience: what have you done during your time as a student? What mini-projects or volunteer work have you done? What shows that you are a go-getter?"
Procurement, Graduate, Newcasle
"Be honest, do not put anything that is false in your CV, do not exaggerate your skills. Try to appear keen, positive, happy. Ask questions."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Show your personality. There will be hundreds of candidates applying for the same role as you that will be just as, or even more, suitable for the job. Therefore it will be your personality and how you portray yourself to the interviewer that will seperate you from the crowd."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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