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Offices & Dress

7.4 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"Generally very good. Well equipped and kept tidy and clean but would benefit from more desk space. Dress code is smart casual (generally shirt and suit trousers) with more senior staff opting for suit and tie. Friday is a casual dress day."
Graduate, Glasgow
"On site office: business casual, relevant to location as there is sometimes a need to go out on site. Head office: similar but still not too formal, for men generally business casual but no ties."
Graduate, London
"Nice offices, all tech is arranged. Locations are usually good with connections to public travel. Generally speaking the dress code is business casual (no jeans), though in important meetings it is a suit. Other offices have dress down days. Some offices are more strict than others though."
Procurement, Graduate, Newcasle
"The dress code is smart casual. However it isn't enforced strictly, which is nice. The office space is nice, spacious and clean."
Midlevel, Gatwick
"I am based on site but there are temporary offices, which are good and well located. Dress code is casual, I wear jeans or tracksuit bottoms with a jumper as I am based on site."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Depends on if you are based in a site office or head office. Business casual dress code in head office, casual or site personal protective equipment in the site office."
Graduate, London
"Site offices are temporary cabins. They're clean and have all the facilities you need so I have no complaints. Dress code is quite informal as I am in personal protective equipment all day. However, senior management follow a smart dress code ie shirt and trousers."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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