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I applied for the Barratt Graduate ASPIRE Programme in 2013 because I had a strong interest in house building and I wanted to work for the most successful company in the industry. The Barratt Graduate Scheme was very appealing as it offered the opportunity to spend time in all of the 6 operational areas of the business and the amount of on-the-job training it offered in year two.

In year one the graduates spend 8 weeks in each of the departments of the business: Land, Technical, Commercial, Construction, Sales and Finance. Each rotation is well-structured and planned with clear objectives we are expected to achieve by the end of our time in the department. We have frequent meetings with our Directors and the Managing Director in order to discuss progress and ensure we are getting on well. Year two is spent in the chosen area of the business which in my case was Technical.

In the two years on the Graduate Programme I received a lot of on-the-job training and attended many training courses on various subjects such as: communication skills, negotiating skills, management, coaching, project management, giving and receiving feedback and many others. We also had the opportunity to learn a lot about the business through presentations and workshops given to us by people employed in the Barratt Group Support Centre.

During the programme I had a lot of chances to work on some exciting projects including The Prince’s Trust Million Makers challenge and an internal project through which we looked into addressing some inefficiencies in the business.

For me the highlight of the work I have done is being given a number of construction sites I was responsible for providing the technical support to. I have always been supported by my directors, managers and colleagues who trained me to enable me to become a valuable member of the team.

Currently I work as an Engineering Coordinator which is the position I managed to secure at the end of the graduate programme. What I enjoy about my job is doing what I am passionate about. A lot of the engineering input in a housing development project may not be obvious to an end-user of a house however, it is the engineers who ensure the drainage infrastructure is designed correctly, the foundations are suitable and the services are in place.

There is a lot of perks that comes with the job such as being able to travel across the country to other divisions and sites. The working environment at Barratt is excellent; everyone is always positive and enthusiastic, the senior management are very approachable and supportive which gives me a lot of opportunities to learn from people with great experience and skills.

The Company truly supports their people and genuinely wants to ensure the employees are proud to work for Barratt. On a day-to-day basis the work is very busy and challenging, but we work as a team and support each other.