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We recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, as we operate in increasingly diverse communities and this diversity is evident in our workforce and our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. This policy sets out our approach to diversity and explains the law and our commitment in relation to equality of opportunity.


We are committed to being an equal opportunities employer and oppose all forms of unlawful discrimination.
We believe that individuals should be treated on their merits and that employment-related decisions should be based on objective job-related criteria such as aptitude and skills. For these reasons, all employees, and particularly managers with responsibility for employment-related decisions, must comply with the policies described below.
We start by explaining the legal framework and how it relates to certain employment practices. We then explain some specific legal issues relating to disability and go on to set out our policy on the following areas:

  • recruitment;
  • pay and benefits;
  • promotion and training;
  • disciplinary, performance improvement and redundancy procedures.