The graduate application process for BDO

This is an overview of the application form and the process for applying for graduate jobs and internships with BDO.

The recruitment process consists of the following steps. Applicants who succeed at each stage move on to the next:

  • online application form
  • online ability tests (numerical and verbal reasoning)
  • first round interview
  • assessment centre.

BDO says it aims to inform applicants of their progress through the selection process within two working days. An email is sent to confirm receipt of the application form, and a further email invites successful applicants to complete the online tests or explains that they have been unsuccessful with their application. A feature on the website allows candidates to track their application.

The BDO application form

All graduate applicants complete the same online application form, regardless of which stream or office they are applying to. You have 30 minutes to complete each page of the application form before the system signs you out. Your progress will be saved each time you complete a page. The form comprises the following sections:

  • personal details
  • academic history
  • work experience
  • positions of responsibility
  • extra-curricular activities
  • five free text competency-based questions.

BDO advises that people take their time with the application and do any necessary research. The form can be saved so applicants do not need to complete it all at once.

Throughout the process applicants are assessed against a framework of competencies. This is particularly important at interview stage and assessment day stages. Familiarise yourself with these (read Tips on filling in BDO's application questions) BEFORE you start to fill out your application form.

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