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"There are strong performance expectations, which can be stressful for people who do not like to work under pressure."
Graduate, Milan
"The hours can be long at times."
Graduate, London
"There are a lot of acronyms, which can make it confusing at times early on."
Graduate, London
"As the firm is so big, navigating through all the teams and knowing which team you need to contact for various things can be tricky to learn."
Graduate, London
"Learning the system and the ins and outs of the company can be stressful. It's crucial that you are able to grasp the important information quickly."
Graduate, London
"The workload can vary a lot. Sometimes a load of projects can come in at once, while there can be a lot less to do at other times."
Graduate, London
"The days can be long, but I think that is to be expected in this industry."
Graduate, London
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.