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Applying for Pupillage at Blackstone Chambers: The Pupillage Gateway

Every applicant for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers must complete an assessed mini-pupillage. Our preference is for mini-pupils to come to Chambers sometime in the months up to mid-July of the summer before they attend their Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

If you wish to apply for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers, and irrespective of whether you have made a separate application for mini pupillage, you will need to apply through the Gateway.

In the event you have not completed a mini-pupillage application at the time of your Gateway application, we will consider this as a joint application for both mini-pupillage and pupillage. Please contact with any queries about the application process and timetable.

The timetable is:

  • 9th January 2017 – Gateway opens for applications
  • 6th February 2017 – Gateway closes
  • Late April 2017 – Pupillage interviews at Blackstone Chambers
  • 1st May 2017 – Offers of pupillage for 2018 and any deferred offers for 2019 will be made


In addition to completion of the Gateway on line form we ask you to forward at least 2 academic references direct to us at at the time of making your application to us through the Gateway. Please note that references are vital and it is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure that they are sent directly to Chambers when you apply. We will not ourselves seek or chase up references if they are missing and this could seriously delay or forestall your application if the references are not supplied to us. You may supply more than two references if you wish.

If you are a GDL candidate we ask that you forward at least two references from your previous undergraduate/post-graduate studies.

If you have already provided us with references in support of a successful application for mini pupillage, you will not need to supply them to us again, unless you wish to do so, or have additional/new ones for us to review.

We have taken the decision to operate the provision of references in this way in order to try to reduce the time period between application and possible interview/mini pupillage.

Please ask your referees to address the following matters in their references:

  • Intellectual capabilities including analytical skills both oral and written
  • General clarity of expression
  • Ability to react to pressure
  • Suitability for a career at the Bar
  • Provide confirmation of examination results where known

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!