BNP Paribas Real Estate employees

One Small Change


"I think it's important for the London graduates to see other offices, so it would be good for the training courses to be held in a BNPPRE office in another city. Perhaps Birmingham or Bristol."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Although it's difficult, due to the small number of building surveyors compared with general practice surveyors, a training programmer more specific to building surveying would be beneficial."
Graduate, London
"Provide more information on the spaces available in different departments during the graduate scheme ie who intends to take on grads."
Graduate, London
"It would be good if you were made aware of which seats were available following qualification. It seems to be a bit pot luck where you get placed following qualification and down to luck if you happen to qualify in a seat where there is a requirement."
Graduate, London
"More interaction with grads in other offices."
Entry level, Birmingham
"More choice over which rotations you sit. Unfortunately, it's not entirely up to you."
Graduate, London (City)
"Increase pay to be more competitive in the industry."
Graduate, Leeds
"Increased transparency in how rotations are decided."
Graduate, London
"Make sure that there is adequate work for graduates to do before placing them into departments."
Graduate, Birmingham


"I would change the grad scheme so that people spend less time in the Valuation department."
Consulting, Midlevel, London
"In an ideal world it would be to ensure graduates are rotated based on the time they have been at the company i.e. rotations into mandatory departments are done on a chronological basis. (However I understand that business need is what determines when and where people rotate)."
Graduate, Birmingham
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