Relations with Management

8.5 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2016)


"Managers are very accessible – you work with them on a daily basis. They are happy to help and answer any questions you have."
Graduate, London
"Every manager I have had has prepared me well for getting chartered."
Entry level, Birmingham
"Whether they make good mentors depends on the manager, which can be both good and bad. Otherwise they are very accessible. They aren't in their own offices and there are no hierarchy lines. They sit with the surveyors, grads and interns that they are responsible for."
Graduate, London (City)
"Managers within the Birmingham office are easily accessible as we have an open office. I can go and speak to fellow graduates, our accountants, directors and heads of department. Everyone is very helpful."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I sit next to my director and I am currently working with him on a number of projects. Although he is busy, he always makes time to help explain something or answer a question if I need help. Senior colleagues are very accessible. My manager is also my APC (assessment of professional competence) supervisor and he has been really good at scheduling regular chats to make sure that I'm on track with progressing with the APC competencies and generally making sure I'm happy with the work I'm doing etc. It's really motivating to have such great support."
Graduate, London
"There is usually a manager in each team within the department to assist on day-to-day tasks who will give feedback on your work, along with the annual appraisals."
Graduate, London


"My immediate director has been a fantastic mentor and is very approachable."
Graduate, London
"In my experience supervisors are very accessible as we have an open-plan office. Managers are easy to talk to."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Managers definitely make good mentors; when they have the time to explain things they do so very well."
Graduate, London
"I can't speak for all line managers but my current manager is a very good mentor and will to help as long as you ask for it."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Managers are very approachable and take an interest in out of work activities. They are usually keen to assist in APC training and development."
Graduate, London
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