City scape

Bristows was my first choice of law firm. I knew that I wanted to work in Intellectual Property and was keen to work for innovative and exciting clients and alongside lawyers who excelled in their fields. As a specialist Intellectual Property firm with a commitment to excellence and a roster of impressive clients in the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals and design, Bristows was the obvious choice. The culture of the firm, with its emphasis on work-life balance and its promotion of flexible working, was a welcome bonus. 

So far, the work at Bristows has been varied, interesting and challenging. Tasks have ranged in complexity and scale from making bundles to drafting letters, writing attendance notes of meetings and calls, attending trial and writing technical and legal research notes. On one occasion, I had to source (and operate!) a laptop from the late 1990s. On another occasion, I was sent across London on a mission to see if a shop was selling counterfeit jewellery. I have had many opportunities to attend meetings with clients and with experts and to see how commercial imperatives can have a bearing on legal advice and litigation. I have also been able to sit in on conferences with counsel, where case strategy has been reworked and drafting has been discussed. The work can be difficult, but it is rewarding. 

Another perk of working at Bristows is that – in addition to having access to legal training and support – I am able to attend languages classes every week and have the opportunity to attend yoga, Pilates and other activities on site for a very small fee. I really value the emphasis Bristows places on well-being and individuality.