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I first saw British Sugar on an online careers website. Having previously worked in a manufacturing environment I was sure that I wanted a job that was both fast paced, hands-on and technically challenging. Seeing the size and scale of the operations at British Sugar it seemed like a perfect fit and somewhere that would allow me to use the skills that I have developed from my degree.

The application process involved a number of stages including a psychometric test, competency-based Skype interview and a final assessment centre. The assessment centre was conducted on one of the sites and involved a number of activities including a factory tour, group activity as well as technical and people interviews. At the end of this process, I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on the Shift Performance Manager Development scheme.

As part of the first year of the scheme I have been place in a shift team. I spend a lot of my time on site working with the other members of the shift, troubleshooting to maintain steady operation of the factory. The other portion of my time is spent in the office reading through my learning modules to improve my technical knowledge.

The scheme is structured in the sense that there a number of learning modules that have be completed and knowledge targets to be achieved by the end of the scheme. However, the programme is largely self-driven and it is left to the graduates to take responsibility for their own learning and to decide how best to achieve these targets.

Only a month into my career at British Sugar, I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone on site and helping out on shift. I like the fact that British Sugar seems to really value its graduates, giving them real responsibility from day one and look forward to eventually stepping into more of a leadership role as I complete my scheme.