"The firm has grown very quickly and it doesn't always seem like we are all moving in the same direction at the same speed as there are different priorities between sectors and departments."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"There's some lack of organised process to help cope with fast-paced growth."
Second year trainee, Nottingham
"An occasional lack of uniformity regarding levels of supervision across different departments."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"Some teams having trouble keeping up with the recent rapid changes to the legal environment."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"The IT and operational systems could be better."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"Having to travel all the way to Nottingham for trainee socials."
First year trainee, London
"The work/life balance is fair, but still busy."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"You need to be adaptable to change; the seat process means you can find out fairly late and have to move around the offices."
First year trainee, Nottingham
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