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8.9 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2018)


"The Nottingham office is very good. Birmingham and London are also brilliant but are running out of room. I've heard that the Exeter office and new Manchester office are great but I've not yet been myself."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Our offices are generally really lovely with good locations. Everything is very Nottingham-focused, which means the other offices, while more spacious and open, generally don't have as good facilities or as many social groups etc."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"I am currently in the firm's new Manchester office, which is amazingly open, light and bright. There are lots of different stations that you can choose to work on, from large desks for group work to standing desks to keep you active. We have a firm term 'mogility' so everyone moves around (within their teams), which builds stronger relationships and frees up space. Monday to Thursday is smart office wear (but not so smart that you feel uncomfortable and you can still show your own style) and we have dress down Fridays."
First year trainee, Manchester
"The office is based in a large building in the city centre with modern facilities. We have a big garden where we can sit out in the summer and host events. We have a subsidised café on site selling reasonably priced, varied and delicious food. The office is close to the train station, the castle (which Browne Jacobson employees currently have free access to), bars and places to eat and the shops. We have an array of places to work including stand up desks, meeting areas, a library, sofas and No 44. Most teams are paperlite/paper free and we can move desks every day within our specified team zones. It's important to be smart and look professional but also to feel relaxed."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"We have amazing grade A buildings for our London (Bevis Marks) and Manchester (No 1. Spinningfields) offices that are fitted out with the latest facilities. Our Nottingham and Birmingham offices are also really well placed for commuting as both are a few minutes' walk away from central train stations. There are reviews on improving all of the offices and I know Birmingham is making a few changes to improve the office space due to a surge in recruitment. The dress code is professional."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"We've recently moved to a new Manchester office that is impressive. The London office also has a rooftop client suite that is perfect for hosting client events. The dress code is smart so suits (with or without a tie) and formal dress are expected."
Second year trainee, Nottingham


"Every Friday is dress down and the regular dress code is fairly relaxed but smart. It's always formal dress when meeting clients though."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"All offices are well located and close to train stations, making it easy to commute and travel to clients. The Nottingham office has a cafe with subsidised food. The dress code is fairly relaxed when not meeting clients."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"The cafe in the office is a great asset and the dress code is more relaxed than expected. Ties are an option and there's casual Friday!"
First year trainee, Nottingham
"The offices are all really nice and in good locations. The London office has great views in the client areas and Manchester is in a really nice location in Spinningfields. The dress code in Nottingham is slightly more relaxed than the other offices but, generally, people do dress smartly."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"The firm moved to these offices around four or five years ago. The facilities, including the kitchen and bathrooms, are extremely good. Given the firm's recent growth, it has started to introduce new initiatives for flexible working to encourage utilising the space as well as it can."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"The head office in Nottingham is a nice environment and it's great to have a good canteen in the building."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"The London offices are great and we have a very impressive client suite."
First year trainee, London
"The Nottingham office is well placed near the train station and courts. The facilities are really good with kitchens and drink facilities in every wing. There is also a cafe downstairs that produces tasty food that's good value for money. All of the firm's offices are located close to train stations and are well equipped."
First year trainee, Nottingham
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