Get the inside buzz from graduates at Burges Salmon LLP

8.9 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 17 ratings in 2017)
"Innovative, independent, ambitious."
9.2 / 10
Formal Training
9.1 / 10
Offices & Dress
9.6 / 10
8.0 / 10
7.6 / 10
8.1 / 10
Pro Bono
6.4 / 10


  • Trainees have genuine responsibility, get good contact with clients and are actively involved in the firm's work.
  • The general ethos and culture of the firm are both very collaborative and friendly, and socialising is encouraged.
  • The retention rate for trainees has historically been exceptionally high.
  • While hours can be long, trainees feel they have a good work/life balance.


  • Trainees are satisfied with their pay but feel it’s low after qualification.
  • There aren’t as many options for flexible working as trainees would like.
  • More secondment opportunities would be appreciated, as would clarification of the secondment application process.
  • The firm has an evident commitment to diversity but this area still needs improvement.

What insiders say about...

"The firm's hiring process takes in assessment days, vacation schemes and formal interviews...."

"In general the hours are quite reasonable and face-time is actively discouraged...."

"Most of the formal legal training takes place at lunchtime and can be in webinar..."

"Everyone is very accessible here. The firm makes sure that trainees sit, where possible,..."

"Lovely offices that are conveniently located with a great restaurant. Could do with..."

"Work hours are reasonable for a firm of this nature. There are days when you have..."

"The pay is really good, especially for Bristol, and we get a bonus in September."

"We get discounts at the most popular restaurants in Bristol as well as discounted..."

"As with all big commercial firms, the recruitment process is rigorous. The online..."

"There were some competency questions such as: tell us about a time when you have..."

"The office is littered with contraptions that help reduce the building's carbon footprint..."

"The firm is committed but it will take a while for it to become more diverse. Although..."

"There's a good range of work and the chance to take initiative and control of matters..."

"The firm focuses more on corporate responsibility than pro bono – there is a lot..."

"You are given a lot of responsibility as a trainee, but you are very well supervised,..."

"If you have an inside office, the lack of natural light can be a bit demoralisin..."

"The culture. They are a very friendly and welcoming bunch that respect your previous..."

"Retention rates are excellent, and they have already told us... so that makes me..."

"Supposedly, our salmon pink letterhead paper pre-dates the firm's current name."

"Friendly, fun, hard-working."

"The firm allows less privileged students to apply. Our first years are all cut from..."

"More emphasis on positive feedback."

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