I applied to CRUK’s finance scheme because it provided the opportunity to develop skills in non-profit accounting which I found to be much more attractive than standard accounting. CRUK’s main aim is to track how donations are spent and focus on utilisation and allocation of our resources so they have a variety of different stakeholders. I knew the scheme would provide variation, be rewarding and allow me to gain plenty of financial experience.

My first placement was in financial control which helped me to understand the core of CRUK’s finance structure. Currently I’m working in legacy finance which sits under “Fundraising & Marketing Finance” which combines elements of finance and reporting for the legacy teams. It’s been great seeing how F&M finance acts as a vital support to CRUK’s fundraising activities!

During my current placement in Legacy finance I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at CRUK’s life garden at Hampton Court Flower show! At the moment I’m currently mentoring an intern which I’m really enjoying and in my first placement I took part in finalising year-end accounts, a great learning experience.

The application process should be a learning exercise where you learn as much about CRUK as they about you! The interview and presentation is your chance to show your passion for what CRUK stand for so don’t hold back!

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!