Capgemini Consulting

Education: Bachelor’s Degree 

Location: London UK

Entry Level Graduate


Joined Capgemini as an Associate consultant in September 2017. I joined Capgemini as an Associate Consultant in the Capgemini Graduate Scheme in Customer Experience and Analytics.

Why Capgemini Consulting?

I decided to join Capgemini as I want a role that would provide me with variety of work, in terms of my working day and I wanted to work with a diverse group of people. In addition to this I felt that Capgemini was a great place to start my career due to the breadth of training available and the emphasis on steering my own career, as well as being given responsibility from day 1.

My Usual Work Day

I usually wake up around 7:00 am and get ready for work. I usually take the tube to work which takes about 30 mins and gets me in the Office for 8:30am. I make sure I go through my emails first and prioritize what and when I need to complete certain tasks. The day to day life is very varied and no day is the same. Client work can involve anything from progress checking work, attending meetings, composing presentations and addressing any issues the project may be facing. In addition to this I also complete internal work which can vary from bid work to blogging. At the end of the day I usually go home, to the gym or enjoy time with my friends.

Life at Capgemini

The most challenging thing is also the most rewarding thing about working for Capgemini, and that is the level of responsibility you are given from day one. The first day after my induction I was working with the VP of utilities on a massive bid, taking part in meetings and creating presentations to be used in due diligence work.

In addition to this Capgemini does not fail to provide help and support, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and willing to go out of their way to help if you’re stuck. Capgemini really is like a family and an enormously fun place to work.

How do you achieve a work/life balance?

In order to achieve a work/life balance I make sure that I set times of the day to get away from work whether it be going to the gym, seeing friends or going for a run. The key for me is making sure that there is at least a few hours every day during the week when I have time to relax and socialize. My weekends are incredibly important to me and sometimes working at the weekend is necessary but I always make sure that I have time to myself and my stress levels are never more than I can manage.

Training and grad scheme? 

Place: Telford and Holborn (London)
Date: September 2017
Visit: Training site

Two weeks of interactive and fun exercises learning about consulting skills, the company, consulting guard, technology, admin, Industry insights and much more


One of the great things about Capgemini is that you are in charge of your own career. There is plenty of opportunity for internal work, such as bidding, blogging, fund raising and many more, all of which helps develop your career and network with people to find potential future projects.