Capgemini Consulting

Why Capgemini Consulting?

Like most people I was first drawn to management consulting due to the variety of work, fast-paced environment and good progression opportunities. While working at Capgemini Consulting certainly offers all of these things on a daily basis, it wasn’t what first attracted me. Throughout the application process I really got a feel for the people-focused culture and values of Capgemini which fit well with my own outlook. All the people I met seemed to live these core values through their actions which really brought them to life for me.

What does your typical day look like?

As cliché as it may sound, it’s very difficult to answer this question accurately since every day can be so different. My current role started by focusing on volumetric data analysis but has since evolved into using the analysis to plan a migration strategy for customers from a legacy system to a new. On my previous project I was implementing a communications strategy in support of a large transformation programme. So depending on your project or role, a typical day varies a lot.

What training have you received?

Capgemini has a big focus on development and growth. My first two weeks at the company consisted of an induction to the Capgemini and to consulting in general. Throughout the year there are a wide selection of training programmes, tools and resources available to attend. I also attended a course at the University Learning Campus at Les Fontaines, near Paris – a great location to do some training!

How do you achieve work-life balance?

Consulting can often require some long hours, especially when working towards tight deadlines. That said, at Capgemini the focus is on outcomes and managers are always supportive and flexible in accommodating personal lives. While working away on a project there is always a good camaraderie between consultants with team meals, pub quizzes and sports matches common. We also always aim to leave our work at the office on Friday and pick it up again on Monday, meaning weekends are free to catch up with friends and family. Capgemini also allow you to buy extra holiday which I always do so I can break up the year with holidays!

What has been your highlight of the job so far?

I’m currently working on a national programme that will impact hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country. Carrying out analysis and putting together a strategy that will impact so many different stakeholders has been daunting but also really exciting and rewarding.