City scape

Capital One

We’re on a mission to change banking for good. That’s a brave statement, but we’re not scared to dream big. Not only are we up there amongst the UK’s top 10 credit card providers, but we want to lead the digital revolution in financial services. We put our customers first, pride ourselves on innovation and are always looking for the next breakthrough. Since we started out, we’ve been a company built on bold, new ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. Now we’re taking it further – we want to disrupt the industry from within to make it better for everyone.

Take a big zebibyte

We want our products and services to give power to our customers. This means we’re hungry for information. That’s why we gather zebibytes of data and use them to inform, test and make decisions across Capital One.

Each piece of data helps build a picture and tells a story, so we can design and deliver the best products to our customers. We do this in an Agile environment where we continually make, break and fix things so that we can get solutions delivered quickly.

Our philosophy is simple: Recruit extraordinary people and help them realise their full potential

Our people shape the way we work. We know the next big idea could be dreamed up from anywhere in the business. That’s why all our work areas are open plan, and the directors and managers sit alongside the teams. Nurturing talent and tapping into potential is a no-brainer for us. Everyone plays their part and teamwork’s a way of life.

Could you be the one?

We’re on the lookout for the very best and brightest graduates to join our team. To us it’s all about the idea, that bright spark that sets the world alight. That’s why we’re interested in finding DREAMERS, DELIVERERS and DISRUPTERS – the people who think laterally, scrawl ideas on the wall on neon post-it notes, dream up new concepts and bounce thoughts off each other.

No matter which scheme you join us on, you’ll get to work alongside – and be mentored by – some of the most talented people in the business. Not to mention enjoy the freedom to do things your way. Through opportunity, resources, training and inspiration, you’ll be encouraged to own your work, pursue your ideas and achieve your professional and personal goals. Whether you’re dreaming up a new product, disrupting the status quo or delivering that crucial project, we want you to excel.

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