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Capital One

Business Analytics & Marketing

Reimagine money, inspire life

Capital One are an information-based lending company, founded on the belief that technology and information can transform the industry and make life better for everyone.

In the digital age, money and the way people interact with it is evolving. At Capital One, we rely on happy customers. That’s why we’re Reimagining Money to help customers succeed and make life a little easier. We put our customers first, pride ourselves on innovation and are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Our philosophy is simple:

Recruit extraordinary people and help them realise their full potential.

Our people shape the way we work. We know the next big idea could come from anywhere in the business. That’s why all our work areas are open plan and the directors and managers sit alongside the teams. Nurturing talent and tapping into potential is a no-brainer for us. Everyone plays their part and teamwork is a way of life.

No matter which scheme you join us on, you’ll get to work alongside – and be mentored by – some of the most talented people in the business and the industry, not to mention enjoy the freedom to do things your way. Through opportunity, resources, training and inspiration, you’ll be encouraged and supported to own your work, pursue your ideas and achieve your professional and personal goals.

Reimagine business

‘Big data’ is a term that you’re likely to have heard a lot of late but Capital One was doing big data before it became a buzzword. We were founded on an information-based strategy, so every decision is an informed one and analysts are at the core of driving our business strategy forward. This is where our analysts get their kicks: solving complex business problems, developing strategies that drive our profitability and growth, by collaborating across business areas and mining this wealth of information. As such, they all have an understanding of the nuances of data analysis, programming, business insights and technical skills.

Business Analytics & Marketing

We have 2 roles within our Business Analytics & Marketing programme; Business Analysts & Product Managers.  As you move through our selection process, we’ll help you discover which role suits your strengths and you’ll be offered one of the positions if you are successful.

Business Analysts

Simply put, you’re here to change the way we do business. You love to solve problems – and you get a real kick out of creating ground-breaking strategies based on a wide range of data sources. You’re innovative and self-starting, quick on the uptake and full of ideas. You’re both logical and creative, and you’re not satisfied until your thinking has created real-world impact.

What do our Business Analysts do?

  • Find gaps in the market to create new products and design strategies to win new customers
  • Create tactics to help our customers stay on track with credit
  • Plan the approach, research the viability of ideas and present recommendations to Senior Managers
  • See projects from conception to completion in an agile environment
  • Draw insights from customer data and market trends
  • Find new data to help us lend to new customers where our competitors cannot

Product Managers

Our Product Managers are passionate and driven to create the world’s best consumer credit experiences. They deftly juggle the trade-offs between technological feasibility, business viability and customer needs.

What do our Product Managers do?

  • Launch new features of products that are vital to the lives of credit card consumers across all walks of life
  • Work with a cross-functional Team of designers, engineers, business partners and brand strategists to design and deliver better credit experiences in mobile, web and beyond
  • Apply lean development principles to rapidly iterate ideas directly with designers and developers on their team and launch in-market pilots with customers
  • Think analytically and maintain a rigorous, human-centred approach to designing customer interactions whilst understanding the business constraints

What are we looking for?

We hire individuals, not box tickers. You don’t have to have studied a particular subject; who knew what they wanted to be when they first started university? The graduates we find do best in our application process and beyond when they join us on a scheme typically demonstrate:

  • A minimum 2.1 degree and at least 320 UCAS points
  • An analytical mind set and the ability to break down complex problems and identify great solutions
  • A passion for doing the right thing for customers
  • An obsession with technology and a good grasp of programming if they are applying for a technical role
  • Bags of personality with entrepreneurial flair

We treat our graduates right – after all, one of you could be our future CEO. That’s why our graduate salaries start at £32,000. We also offer a generous £5,000 signing on bonus, as well as an annual performance related bonus.

It’s not just about the pound signs though. We like to make sure our associates are well looked after – in every sense. Here’s how:

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!