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8.3 / 10

(based on 19 ratings in 2014)


"I think that base salary out of university is good; however, increases/bonuses occur once a year and are based on a relatively inflexible performance management system in my opinion."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I think that the salary is very good, although it is not very flexible."
Graduate, Nottingham
"The pay is very good for a graduate job, although I am not sure that it scales well enough as you gain promotion and experience."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I would like the pay to be higher, but who doesn't. The amount of benefits added onto the package is incredible however."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I think that the pay is good, and goes a long way in Nottingham. Bonuses are okay, but they are tied to performance such that almost nobody receives the headline rate for bonus."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I think the salary is higher than comparable schemes by a long way, especially when considering the other bonuses, training and opportunities that come with it."
Graduate, Nottingham
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