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8.1 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2014)


"There are so many different types and styles of training that you can get involved in here, and you can even find your own training and suggest it to the company."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Informal training has been pretty great, there have been lots of help during my on-the-job training, and I can ask for help easily. On the other hand, I have formal training to be a little hit and miss."
Graduate, Nottingham
"We had two days of on board training to learn about the company, and a variety of training to do with different aspects of the job. The only issue I found was that some of it wasn't very relevant because some of the training was tailored to positions outside my role."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I've learned a huge amount about everything from credit and risk governance through data analysis and manipulation, to personal presentation and communication. There are a lot of skills which matter in this job, but I've never felt under-trained."
Graduate, Nottingham
"There are fairly comprehensive training sessions in all of the software we have to use, both as soon as you start work and then available afterwards on an ongoing basis. I've learnt two new programming languages since starting work here."
Graduate, Nottingham
"There is an Analyst Development Program for graduates which covers everything you're likely to need. For more niche training, there is a large budget for external trainers to be brought in or courses attended."
Graduate, Nottingham
"There is extensive training to equip graduates to complete their job successfully and efficiently."
Marketing, Graduate, Nottingham
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