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Base Location: Reading

Current Location: Leatherhead

Programme Joined: IP, followed by returning as a Graduate

Previous Education: Computer Science, Newcastle University

Interesting Fact about you:

I wrote a piano composition and then performed it in front of thousands of people on the same stage as Jimi Hendrix once played

Did you relocate? If so how did you find it?:

I relocated from Newcastle to Reading. The process was expensive but CGI made it a lot easier by reimbursing almost all of the expenses that I had! Each office also has a relocation guide and is available for new starters to help then when moving to the area. 

Your role at CGI:

Software Developer

Previous roles at CGI:

Test Analyst, Junior Technical Architect, Lead UI developer

Your usual working day:

My days vary from day-to-day due to the amount of stuff that I am involved with! I typically get into the office somewhere between 9am and 9:30am and make myself some coffee so that I can function correctly. I catch up with my team during a stand-up where we talk about what we achieved the previous day and what we plan on doing for the day ahead. Lunchtime is spent either with friends or at a sporting club such as badminton, basketball or football depending on what is running that day! The rest of the day is normally divided between carrying out the tasks talked about in the scrum, networking, and occasionally helping individuals through the buddy scheme or as the elected Grad Rep for my office.

What you enjoy most about working for CGI:

Despite CGI being one of the top players in IT consultancy, the characteristic that gives it the edge over competitors is the workforce personality. I could do my job at any other IT company but I enjoy doing it at CGI due to the friendliness of others, their willing to help you with problems, and the huge support network at your disposal. They also understand the importance of a good work-life balance so although deadlines are very important, you aren’t ‘worked to the bone’ unlike its competitors and the atmosphere is generally relaxed. Additionally, every month dozens of events take place which are heavily subsidized by CGI and sport clubs run almost every day of the week which makes coming to work and socializing with colleagues very enjoyable!

The range of roles available to you is also incredible. As a result you can (so long as you have reason or the skills needed) move into different areas of the business, giving you a broad experience which can be valuable, especially early in your career if you are uncertain in which direction to take.

Your top tip for someone considering the CGI and the programme you joined on:

Regardless of which programme you are coming onto, whether it be Sponsored Degree, Industrial Placement, or the Graduate Scheme; talk to whoever will listen to you and improve your network of contacts. By doing so you’ll get to know people who may be able to offer you new opportunities, help you with niche or specific issues that you may have, or give you beneficial advise. I was given this advice on my first day and as a result I was offered my dream role and I now have a long list of contacts that I frequently use to develop myself and my career.