Base Location: Hughes Park, Bridgend
Current Location: Hughes Park, Bridgend
Programme Joined: Industrial Placement
Previous Education: BSc Computer Science w/ year in Industry, University of Bath.
Did you relocate? If so how did you find it?:  I relocated from my original home in Pembrokeshire where I lived with my family, to Cardiff with other university students. I used several resources when finding somewhere to live; spareroom, facebook, rightmove, etc. Although it my seem daunting moving in with people you have never lived with before, I have had a very positive experience and made some great friends in doing so. My advice is to definitely look into your relocation early and do your research. Give yourself several options so that you can evaluate who you would enjoy living with the most and consider other factors such as location. Currently, I commute approximately 30 minutes each way a day and enjoy living in Cardiff. Additionally, if you currently live outside of a 1.5 hour commute to your base office, you may be entitled to a student relocation allowance.

Your role at CGI:

DISC Staging Server Support Analyst / Libra DMU Software Developer
Previous roles at CGI: Compass Project Support Analyst

Your usual working day:

Arrive at the office.
Pick up any outstanding emails in my personal mailbox and also in the DISC Staging Server team mailbox. 
I carry out the morning checks for my team and the applications I support to ensure they are running as expected.
Coffee break!
Business as Usual (BAU) – this involves resolving incidents for the applications I currently support, raising any Operation Change Requests (OCRs) that are necessary to improve the service we run or fix issues, going to any releveant meetings I have planned for that day and attending the daily stand up with my team.
I normally go for my lunch break around this time, although the time you go at and how long you take is pretty flexible.
Normally, I dedicate my afternoon to progressing the development of the Libra DMU Support Dashboard application that I work on alongside a small team. I use several technologies including Java, JSF, Primefaces, Weblogic and Oracle.
I finish work and begin my commute home.

What you enjoy most about working for CGI: 

My favourite thing about working for CGI is the friendly working environment and accomadating colleagues that work there. Everyone is really welcoming and willing to help you as much as they can. The office also regulary organises events outside of work as well and thus, the social side of things is great. I also play 5-a-side football every Wednesday lunch time which is a good laugh and good exercise! On top of that, your working day is fairly flexible, depending on whether you are working a shift or not, you can start your day when you like (within reason). Personally, I like to start a little bit earlier, so I can finish earlier and avoid the traffic – although this may fluxuate depending on what team/role you are involved in.

Your top tip for someone considering the CGI and the programme you joined on e.g. SDP

At CGI, you definitely get out what you put in. Make a real effort to get to know people, network through the office and offer help where you can – you never know when you might need their help. Doing so, will provide you with more opportunities and allow you to make the most out of your time at CGI, especially if like me, you are only here for a year. Be enthusiastic every day and don’t be afraid to ask questions, people will help you and won’t look down on you for it, in fact, they will admire your eagerness to learn.