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6.2 / 10

(based on 21 ratings in 2017)


"From what I've seen, this is somewhat easy but also quite confusing. There are plenty of diverse titles in the company and it feels like reaching the top may not be feasible, although climbing up the ranks can be done. How long this takes is a question I cannot answer."
Graduate, Leatherhead, Surrey
"I have been given many opportunities to progress and move into the more senior roles and work, as well as being able to move up with the career levels in the company. It's pretty easy to do and I've always found everyone around me to be really encouraging and supportive."
Graduate, Reading
"There are clearly defined requirements to move up a 'level' within your chosen career path. The process is a bit inflexible as it's done once a year for everyone rather than individuals being able to apply when they feel ready. This means that you may either have to try to apply early, which is unlikely to be approved, or wait, which means you end up applying long after you are ready to."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There's an annual performance review where you set objectives to complete within a year, as well as being provided with feedback from your peers. This provides good grounding for your manager to recommend you for promotion. I've known a lot of my colleagues to go for promotion after being at CGI for a year."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are many projects around the company looking for new members to fill roles. This can allow for training in new skill areas and progressing around the company when the right opportunities come up."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I received a promotion within a year of joining but moving beyond seems difficult."
Graduate, Leatherhead, Surrey
"It is fairly easy to move up the ranks to begin with, with pay rises provided for each. To increase in level, you initially just have to demonstrate that your responsibilities have increased and that you are now a more valuable member of the company. To go further, you have to go through promotion boards."
Entry level, Leatherhead


"It seems reasonably easy. It's a little disappointing that promotion only occurs once a year as this is a bit of an impeding factor in moving up when you are at the bottom of the career ladder. It does not seem to be such a problem at higher levels."
Graduate, London
"You can apply for a promotion each year if you want. You present to a board on why you should be promoted."
"Promotions are done by a board. Promotions for jobs are a little 'dead man's boots' but if you're ready it's supposed to be easy to find a way to move into a role you want."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Currently there isn't a set-out graduate scheme, which makes it difficult to assess where you are regarding progression."
Graduate, Bridgend (Wales)


"Personal development involves creating and fulfilling objectives and following a specific career 'pathway'. This can be a little complex to get your head around but it is well structured to enable individuals to attain promotion and progression."
Graduate, Bridgend
"Promotion panels are held annually."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"There are promotion panels where employees make their case for being promoted and, with proper planning, these should not be too hard as long as you meet the requirements."
Graduate, Gloucester
"I have found that the review process is rather awkward and drawn out."
Graduate, Bristol
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