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"You can find yourself without much work for long periods of time."
Intern, Reading
"I'm not a big fan of hot-desking as I would prefer a desk I can permanently call my own and leave my belongings in."
Graduate, Reading
"The graduate scheme was a little less structured than I had hoped."
Graduate, Reading
"The discrepancies in salary between locations. Some graduates progress more quickly than others because they happen to be in the offices where there are more opportunities."
Graduate, Bridgend
"There's a lack of social aspects, particularly with respect to the graduate positions. A lot of work can be decentralised and results in lots of people only occasionally working from an office. This leads to a quiet office with few social interactions and not many out-of-work social events."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There are not many external training opportunities."
Graduate, Reading, UK
"The way promotions work can be frustrating. You might take on a new role that should be better paid but, due to the promotion structure, stay on the same pay."
Graduate, Bridgend
"The corporate environment can be slow-moving, there's a lack of amenities in the office and some of the IT could do with being updated."
Graduate, Leatherhead, Surrey


"As with most tech companies, diversity could be better."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"There is very little formal training."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes the project work can mean you have a bit of a commute, especially if you cannot easily up sticks with only a month or two's notice. However, this isn't that common and they do tend to help with relocation costs, depending on circumstances."
"Salary difference between England and Wales."
Graduate, Bridgend
"The lack of ability to control your assigned project on starting."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"You're expected to travel and may experience time on 'the bench' in between projects."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Could do with more graduates in the team."
Graduate, Reading
"The weekly travel to client site sometimes leaves you feeling tired. Salary increments are very small."
Graduate, Birmingham
"No structured graduate training scheme."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Can be a certain amount of waiting before you are assigned a specific role."
Graduate, Gloucester
"The graduate scheme isn't as advertised as it could be and there is no formal development plan. It seems very difficult to gain an an increase in pay."
Graduate, Bristol
"The salaries are less than other high profile IT companies in the industry."
Graduate, Bridgend
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