Offices & Dress

6.3 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2016)


"Depends on the location. Dress code is smart."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I spend most of my time on a client site and it's a nice office. The company's own offices vary depending on location but are, on the whole, new, shiny and clean. Most importantly they are spacious and well air-conditioned."
Graduate, London
"Open-plan and smart but can be more casual depending on client."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The office location and overall standards are good. The only issue is with the lack of shower facilities, number of bathrooms and limited car park spaces."
Graduate, Bridgend (Wales)


"Dress code is business attire (shirt, shoes and trousers) Mon-Thu with dress down Fridays. We have a good office at Hughes Park, Bridgend but it has inadequate parking, (not enough spaces on-site)."
Graduate, Bridgend
"Typically the dress code in the office, (and when dealing with clients), is business dress."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The dress code is project and location dependent. The general rule is to dress 'as the client dresses'."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Some of the offices are really nice, modern buildings while others are more traditional. This is mostly based on location and needs of the branch. The dress code is smart business, although there may be casual Fridays depending on the branch and its management."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Some offices are modern and vibrant whilst some others are very dated."
Graduate, Bristol
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