One Small Change


"More frequent pay reviews. Better diversity with regard to women."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Offer a more structured graduate programme. I appreciate that the flexibility benefits and suits others but from my experience most young people are not sure what they want to do. A more structured training programme or at least more visibility and clarity on the training offered."
Graduate, London
"Raise the salary in Wales."
Graduate, Bridgend
"Bigger SSC budget for sports and social and a smoother process to change projects."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Fairer, equal salary across all graduate and industrial placements across the country."
Graduate, Bridgend (Wales)


"I would like to have had an induction when I started at the company."
Graduate, Bridgend
"The company should consider having graduates have a lecture style meet up once a week to teach new skills."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I would have more specific training courses."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I would have liked a more structured start to my time here."
Graduate, Bristol
"I think the company should provide more assistance to those having to move a great distance to work for the company. For example, I had to travel 400 miles to my new home, and had to pay a considerable sum of money to stay in a hotel and view flats and homes in the area which I cannot claim back."
Graduate, Gloucester
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