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7.5 / 10

(based on 25 ratings in 2017)


"The graduate salary is average for my area but it can be difficult to climb the ladder and the pay rises aren't much."
Graduate, Reading
"CGI lags behind the market-leaders and sits very much on the average benchmark."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"I've always thought that the graduate pay is very good, especially for a job outside of London. The opportunity to progress in your career and therefore get a pay rise is good as you build up experience too."
Graduate, Reading
"Graduates are paid quite well compared to other companies."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"It's lower than the industry standard for new starters but includes a share buy-in scheme and Christmas bonus. Half-yearly pay reviews mean new starters can get decent salaries much faster now."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The salary is ok but not great. It's relatively good for a graduate position but pay rises are too strongly linked to the promotions process, which is linked to your annual review. This means that you are only able to be considered for a promotion (and therefore a pay rise) at a specific point in any given year. This is unfortunate for graduates where your first annual review will likely be too early in your career to be thinking about promotion but you will be ready for it long before your second."
Graduate, Birmingham
"It's on par with others in the industry but the benefits seem extensive and add value to the package."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The entry-level pay is not bad although no longer that competitive. However, six-monthly pay reviews have been introduced for those employees under a certain threshold and I was very pleased with my first pay review. Pay generally increases the most when you go up a level in the company, which gives rewards for showing that you have developed and are now a more valued member of the company."
Entry level, Leatherhead


"Starting salary is OK. Pay reviews are less frequent than other grad schemes."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The base pay was above average. I have since received a pay rise within the first year to what is now a comfortable above-average salary. On top of the base salary a company share scheme, a pension fund and other benefits are also offered, which have great value. The share scheme can add roughly 3% to your annual salary."
Graduate, London
"I think this is one of the best salaries for graduates in this business, especially as they aren't looking for firsts and A*s in your qualifications."
"The salary should be the same in England and Wales."
Graduate, Bridgend
"Some people say it's below industry average but I think it's reasonable. People mostly moan about opportunity for pay advancement. Everything relating to money for expenses is really well handled."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"The salary, although not that bad for the area, is lower in Wales than in England for graduates, which is very unfair as the living costs in the area are not that much lower than England. I believe this is a major issue and a reason why many people don't apply."
Graduate, Bridgend (Wales)


"I would say the starting salary is good."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I think the salary could be higher, Share purchase scheme is great though."
Graduate, Reading
"The pay is good enough for the area I live in and the relocation policy helped repay the cost of me moving country to work with CGI."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Pay is slightly lower than competitors, and the process for gaining an increase is both difficult and long-winded. The share scheme does add a little more however."
Graduate, Bristol
"As a graduate, I think my salary is good compared to other graduate positions. The salaries after promotion are not quite as good as other IT companies I have seen. The bonuses however are good."
Graduate, Bridgend
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