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Satisfaction with Work

5.9 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2017)


"I have been put on projects where it felt like I didn't have enough resources, structure or support. I felt there wasn't much to learn from as a junior and I was left to figure most things out myself."
Graduate, Reading
"I'm very satisfied. It was difficult at first as I had to understand a project that I hadn't participated in before and that had been developed over ten years. However, once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed the tasks I was given. I wanted to maintain code and I am doing so. There is also the option to take on multiple projects within my team so I am enjoying the diversity."
Graduate, Reading
"My role as a software engineer is to design small software components, write source code and then perform adequate testing of new features/bug fixes. Other responsibilities include reviewing the work of other developers and diagnosing bugs in software."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"I have a lot of administration and basic duties. More complex tasks are generally given to the more senior members and there are few projects or tasks that require much thought or learning."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I am very happy with the work I am assigned on my current project. I work as one of the developers on a project that writes software for smart meters used by many energy companies across the UK. My role mainly involves resolving bugs and writing code to enable new features and functionality of the meters. It might not sound very fun to some, but this is what I studied at university and I am very pleased to be where I am."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The work can sometimes feel quite simple, but you can use this time to speak with people and learn new skills by helping them with their work, which can be harder."
Graduate, Reading, UK
"The work can be slow at times but this is mainly due to the time of year I joined. However, resources are available for me to guide my own understanding and people are willing to help when asked. I can also take training opportunities where possible. I work in the test team, identifying errors for the developers to resolve. This can be very rewarding at times (when it works) though frustrating when waiting for the latest release to retry the tests (when it doesn't)."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"I'm assigned plenty of work once I can demonstrate my ability to handle it. The company is good at giving you work that challenges you."
Graduate, Leatherhead, Surrey


"I like learning about new technologies and spend a lot of time assisting with tasks on the project, which can be varied."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"My day-to-day role is currently mainly focused on solving market participant issues with the central market system."
Graduate, London
"This wasn't a role I thought I'd like but once I started and learned the skills I actually really enjoyed it. From the start I have been given a decent amount of responsibility and have been treated as an equal in meetings and discussions even though I joined as a grad with little to no experience in the subject area."
"I'm learning a lot about development with debugging and projects to alter code. However, I'm not using new tech or gaining many specific skills that benefit me going forwards."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"Not much responsibility to start with but I am moving roles soon and I will be getting more."
Graduate, Edinburgh


"I always have something to do and support is available if I get stuck."
Graduate, Reading
"My work involves making UML diagrams and code components."
Graduate, Leatherhead
"My current role is to carry out research and development on upcoming trends in IT and provide useful products for the company."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Currently I am working as a system tester. This role involves testing developers work, finding bugs and writing regression tests to ensure changes do not break other pieces of the project."
Graduate, Leatherhead
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