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6.2 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 6 ratings in 2016)
"A very good experience. You learn many valuable skills in a working environment."
  • There are a lot of training options on offer.
  • A wide range of sport and social activities are provided to help employees socialise.
  • Interns are given the same level of responsibility as other employees.
  • Remuneration on offer is reasonable but may not go very far in high-cost areas.
  • Interns do not have as much say in where they are assigned as they would like.
  • The company is so large that it can be difficult to see the impact your work will have.
7.3 / 10
8.5 / 10
6.8 / 10
6.8 / 10
7.8 / 10

What insiders say about...

"Look into current projects and be able to explain them to the interviewer. By doing..."

"There are a lot of social activities from various groups as well as a very active..."

"37.5 hours per week. The main focus is ensuring that you're completing your work...."

"Member flexible benefits: these are several benefits that you can pick and choose..."

"I couldn't make an assessment centre so had a one-on-one interview with a higher..."

"Generic business questions about teamwork, leadership, time-planning, communication..."

"I work on a test team and day-to-day mainly work on testing complicated software,..."

"A chance to learn skills I would probably not learn at university."

"Things were a bit disorganised to start with."

"Incredibly valuable academically."

"I applied to CGI because it sounded like they had a lot of opportunities for me as..."

"Training was more learning on the go. You would be given a task with an overview..."

"Let people have a say in where they are assigned. I would have asked to be put within..."

"Could be improved considering that we are moving to outside of London, therefore..."

"You are treated like any other full-time employee, though with some extra support..."

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