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7.8 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2016)


"People are very accessible – you can walk up and talk or send a quick email to them. Good mentors. They explained details very well to help me understand."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Interns are given the same responsibilities as graduates and are made to feel very much a part of the team. Supervisors are extremely willing to help and there is plenty of other support available such as the student resourcing team. The annual 'performance review' gives interns the chance to gain valuable feedback from their staff manager as well as those they have worked with directly."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"You feel like you are an employee yourself – the only exception being the workload."
Placement Student, Bridgend
"I sit next to the technical lead for my project and two seats from the project manager who is my supervisor. I'm treated as a real member of staff but this means you have to remember to ask if you need help."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"I think the buddy system (a grad being a buddy for an industrial placement student) did more harm than good regarding this, as we weren't integrated with the other undergrads in the company, just friends of our buddy."
Placement Student, Leatherhead


"My supervisors have a great attitude to communication, and are open to questions, (as long as they are reasonable and can't be answered elsewhere)."
Intern, Leatherhead
"In my experience employees and managers at all levels are very accessible."
Intern, Birmingham
"You are treated like any other full-time employee, though with some extra support as you are a placement student."
Intern, Surrey
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