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Interview Questions


"I was asked to demonstrate times when I had shown initiative to solve problems, times when I had used leadership skills and managed others. For a technical role, there were not many technical questions to answer."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Describe a time in my life when I: set a goal and achieved it, worked in a team, resolved a conflict with another team member etc. There were also competency-based questions."
Placement Student, Bridgend
"What does CGI do? Why do you want to work for CGI? Tell me about a time you fell short of a goal (be honest – don't just say 'nope, never gone wrong in my life')."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Generic business questions about teamwork, leadership, time-planning, communication etc. Also more specific questions on my background (education and past work)."
Placement Student, Reading
"There was a group task and an individual interview with generic questions. As part of the interview process we were asked to prepare a short piece of writing about something in technology that we found interesting. We had to discuss this piece of writing during the interview."
Placement Student, Leatherhead


"I was asked how I had achieved my goals, what problems I had faced and what my weakest and strongest subjects were at school."
Intern, Birmingham
"I was asked a range of general programming questions on the subject of encapsulation, polymorphism, etc. There were also general interview questions about hobbies/education/work experience, etc."
Intern, Reading
"I was asked where I get technology news online, and how I verify it. This was followed by various questions regarding the past experience listed on my CV. Finally we had a chat about the IT industry on a whole and the directions it could go."
Intern, Surrey
"Questions included: Why are you a good fit for the company? What does our company do? Who are our company's biggest rivals?"
Intern, Leatherhead
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