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Interview: Tips & Advice


"I had an online test and an assessment centre/interview. I also had a telephone interview for my project. My advice: be relaxed and be yourself!"
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"The first stage is an online aptitude test. It involves some logical, mathematical and English grammar questions. The second stage is a half day at an assessment centre. It involves a group exercise and an interview, after which you are informed if you are successful. There is less focus on the technical aspect of the job and more on the competency and personality of the individual. Some of the key things to focus on are: communication, teamwork, problem solving, and initiative. Back these up by giving examples of times when you have shown these qualities."
Placement Student, Bridgend
"Find a specific project you know is currently going on and learn as much as you can about it. The question 'what do you think CGI does?' will undoubtedly come up and being able to give an answer with a good amount of detail will instantly put you in a good position to receive an offer."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Be prepared, open and friendly."
Placement Student, Reading
"Relate all the skills they ask for to an experience or previous role mentioned within your CV. There's a group task and you should aim to take leadership and act with confidence but also be a good listener and take other people's ideas on board."
Placement Student, Leatherhead


"Make sure you can solve logic problems well. Be natural in your interview. CGI is all about rapport and getting along with people, not about being formal. While demonstrating knowledge is good, being able to demonstrate you are a people person is also critical. Be different. If you do not have that extra bit of something on your CV, (e.g. societies, voluntary work, etc.), you won't necessarily appeal to CGI who likes to have members that stretch beyond their general duties."
Intern, Birmingham
"Look into current projects and be able to explain them to the interviewer. By doing this it shows you have done your research and are also passionate about the company."
Intern, Reading
"The best advice is to be yourself. Even if you are nervous and tense beforehand, the interviewers are very easy going and will make you feel relaxed. Be truthful on your CV as they will ask you questions about the things you've done and you want to be able to get into detail."
Intern, Surrey
"Do a lot of research into the company online, but make sure to not fall for the corporate jargon and think that is what the company actually does. Look for factual measurable information on projects, achievements, etc."
Intern, Leatherhead
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