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6.8 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2016)


"I didn't receive formal training for VBA programming (which are the languages I use on a daily basis) and had to teach myself using the internet. I was able to go to a training course called 'introduction to project management', which was very interesting and insightful but not directly related to my day-to-day role."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Training was more learning on the go. You would be given a task with an overview and information on how to do small tasks. Then you had to learn from there and ask questions along the way."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"The induction gave me a good introduction to the company and some of the corporate processes. Through working on my project, I expressed a desire to attend a training course to further develop my technical skills. This was granted and I was able to attend a four-day programming course. Through interaction with a range of personnel and the opportunity to take on new challenges, the biggest skills you will develop are your interpersonal skills (communication, organisation, and CONFIDENCE) as well as obvious technical skills you plan to develop."
Placement Student, Leatherhead
"Skills are very specialised, the quality of training was good but I would not expect it to be transferable to many other jobs."
Placement Student, Bridgend
"Be happy to be ignorant at this point – it's the one year you can be. Ask the obvious questions sincerely and utilise every member of staff you can to learn as much as you can. Then smash the final year."
Placement Student, Leatherhead


"Most of the training I've received on placement is solely in my day-to-day role, but that in itself has provided me with a lot of new skills."
Intern, Leatherhead
"I had some good training materials to go through and a couple of good induction days but have not received some parts of my training e.g. my buddy. It feels like a lot of managers are not worried about you having certain training too, they are focused more on making you useful rather than making sure you understand how to deliver a project."
Intern, Birmingham
"Mostly I have received on-the-job training, starting with shadowing people and then moving on to doing things for yourself. There are some possibilities for external training."
Intern, Surrey
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