Tell us about yourself:

After five years of study, armed with an MA in Psychology and Maths and an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of St Andrews, I thought I’d be left with a concrete career plan. Not the case. I was still no clearer as to what I wanted to ‘be’.  

Tell us about your time in Editing:

I applied to CGP because I loved their books when I was doing my GCSEs. After a rigorous application process, I was offered the job of a Graduate Editor, working on a variety of subjects and book types — including apps, workbooks, revision guides and 11+ material. An Editor’s job is varied — as well as writing, Editors proofread, review, draw graphics and even sign-off the books themselves. It was so much fun!

Tell us about your current role:

After four years in Publishing, CGP advertised (internally and externally) for a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive — an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. Using the skills and knowledge I’d gained about CGP, our books, and how we work, I went through another rigorous interview process, and was offered the position. And it’s fantastic! I manage product launches, devise marketing campaigns for the books I know and love (some of which I’ve written), and now have an overarching view of CGP. 

What advice would you give to graduates looking for jobs now?

My main piece of advice for every applicant is to have a positive attitude with an open mind. Even if it isn’t an obvious career path, just give it a go. I feel so lucky to work at CGP — there aren’t many people who get excited on a Sunday evening because they have work the next day!