Green Initiatives

6.8 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"There are good recycling facilities at the firm."
Junior Consultant, London
"While the firm's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint could be improved, it is evident that they are trying to, by increasing recycling, for instance."
Junior Consultant, Auckland
"Although I think that the green initiatives at the firm could be mentioned more frequently we do have some recycling facilities."
Consultant, London
"There are lots of cycling facilities at the offices, and there is no car parking. Most people get to work on public transport, and a lot of people do cycle."
Consultant, London
"At the moment we keep bees on the roof, and other than that personally I think that there's no clear green initiatives. That said, at the latest company conference reducing the firm's carbon footprint was highlighted as something that will be worked on."
Junior Consultant, London
"CHP has a specific corporate social responsibility project to be more eco-friendly."
Consultant, Auckland


"As an organisation, CHP is largely paperless."
Entry level, London
"There are beehives on the roof of the office."
Graduate, London


"Recycling is made easy and we are encouraged to save power where possible."
Graduate, London
"No idea"
Midlevel, Auckland
"Recycling bins are available in all places where rubbish is disposed of, including confidential paper recycling."
Graduate, London
"One of our directors published a thought leadership article on the paperless office recently. It's great to work for a company that genuinely cares about the environment. We are often looking for ways to minimize our energy consumption and corporate social responsibility is at the forefront of our company ethos."
Entry level, London
"Some of our 'green' initiatives include: recycling facilities in the office, staff rarely print documents and our old laptops are recycled by passing down to schools."
Graduate, London
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