Interview Questions


"Throughout my interview I was asked to explain a little about what CHP does, and what I thought my role would be on a daily basis. There were some slightly technical questions about asset finance, but nothing that couldn't be learned from a few website searches beforehand."
Junior Consultant, London
"I was asked lots of questions on testing ideas about the asset finance industry."
Consultant, London
"I felt that the different interviews were quite unique. The first was mainly to check that people knew what the job they've applied for was. The second checks that people have researched the industry - asking about what the asset finance industry does, for instance. The final interview was more about how the company works within the industry."
Junior Consultant, Auckland
"While there was a focus on questions about defining asset finance and its role in day-to-day life, and the service that CHP provide, I was also asked general background questions about my academic life and previous employment. This was in addition to questions about project organisation/management."
Junior Consultant, London
"The aim of most of the interview questions was to see how much research I'd done about CHP and the asset finance industry in general. There were also lots of questions about my personal interests and experiences. This wasn't to ascertain how good a software developer I was, but just to see if I would be a good fit for the company."
Consultant, London
"I was asked what CHP do, who their competitors are, what my degree was and how is it useful to working here."
Consultant, London
"The main focus of my interview was knowledge of asset finance: defining it, why I wanted to work in it, and where it is. This was alongside my commercial awareness of the firm, such as how it makes money and how it is broken down, and why our clients need our product."
Consultant, London
"I was asked to show my knowledge on CHP, and why it charges what it does for projects, and what would be involved in said projects. This was in addition to telling my interviewers about the different types of asset finance that ALFA administers. I then had to tell my interviewer general information about my background."
Consultant, Auckland


"I was asked about my background, why I wanted to work for the company and was asked questions about consulting in general as well as the asset finance industry."
Midlevel, London
"Questions in my interview were mostly about the asset finance industry and some related logic problems."
Midlevel, London
"In addition to the usual competency side of the interviews, it was clear that my interviewers wanted to find out whether I would be a good fit for the company culture as well as the role, and whether I would be happy at CHP."
Entry level, London
"The first interview contained questions about myself generally and my studies. A little bit of knowledge about the industry and the company was needed - to make sure you knew what you were applying for. The second interview with the director and operational board member was more rigorous. This required a more thorough understanding of the company, what the company does, what the clients do and why they want to use CHP's services, and what asset finance is."
Graduate, London
"Among other things, I was asked about myself and my background, I was asked what I knew about asset finance, and I was asked a few hypothetical technical questions (nothing that required particular technical knowledge, more logic problems)."
Midlevel, London
"I was asked about my understanding of what the company did, why I wanted to work for the company and why I thought I would be a worthy addition to the company."
Midlevel, London
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