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Relations with Management

8.2 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2017)


"All of senior management are more than happy to give us their time and support. I think this is because they have all started at the bottom and worked their way up in the organisation. They understand our job and the pressures we face."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Branch managers could have a more active role in my training sometimes. However, my group manager and all of the factory managers have been excellent."
Graduate, Winchester/Eastleigh/Southampton
"My managers are incredibly busy but they make themselves accessible and are genuinely interested in any concerns I may have or anything that I might need help with. The support is fantastic."
Graduate, Redditch
"All of the managers that I have come across are very approachable and friendly. My relationship with my branch and group managers is exceptional and the levels of guidance and feedback that I receive from them is fantastic."
Graduate, Cannock
"You can arrange a meeting with your manager whenever you need and they will offer help and advice when they feel you may require it. Everyone within the company is approachable and, as they have worked their way to their positions, they understand the whole structure and know the position you are in and the jobs you are doing so can offer advice and help throughout the scheme."
Graduate, Bristol Group
"All levels of management, up to the company director and the founding family, are all very down to earth and approachable. You have quarterly review meetings within the graduate programme at CEF where you discuss what you have done in the quarter and what the next quarter entails. You are able to provide your own feedback and receive feedback in return."
Graduate, Scotland Central Group
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