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Satisfaction with Work

7.5 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2017)


"I have developed my skills over my first year and taken on increasing levels of responsibility. In the beginning, I would be responsible for serving on the counter and dealing with the goods in-department but, as time has gone on, I have been able to do more including placing stock orders and chasing new sales."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The sales assistant role and store manager role can be tedious. However, since I have started doing the accounts manager role, it has become more rewarding."
Graduate, Winchester/Eastleigh/Southampton
"I am currently a year into my course so I am now starting to take on more responsibilities. Every day is different but a typical week will consist of serving on the trade counter, purchasing goods and raising customer quotations. I am very satisfied with the course so far."
Graduate, Cannock
"The idea of the graduate scheme is to do a variety of roles throughout the company so that, when you progress in the future, you have an understanding of the whole company."
Graduate, Bristol Group
"My role includes going round every single customer that either spends with us or could spend with us within the next month. I keep our current live trading customers happy and spending while also generating further spend."
Graduate, Sevenoaks
"The programme that I am on has me undertaking different tasks every three months. This varies between the different roles in the company, beginning with the sales assistant and ending with the account manager. The quality of the course varies (as with any role) but CEF is constantly looking at our feedback and adapting the programme based on this. One example is that it has recently changed from being a two-year course to an eighteen-month one."
Graduate, Scotland Central Group
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