At Clifford Chance, we’re committed to creating a diverse workforce. To achieve this we’re changing recruitment, creating powerful internal networks and promoting our positive attitude. 

Our internal networks such as LGBT+ and Allies Network, Arcus and our BAME Committee provide an inclusive platform of support and encouragement. Arcus, our vibrant global LGBT network, brings people together to organise events such as ‘Carnival at Clifford Chance’ and our inaugural art exhibition. Each event is an opportunity for our employees to learn more about subjects like intersectional identity and cultural awareness.

Our work with third party organisations is incredibly valuable, especially when it comes to improving our equal opportunities policies. Through working with Open, an organisation that works with employers to raise awareness around disability, we’ve made sure we’re on hand to help applicants and trainees in a tailored and sensitive manner. By teaming together with both Rare Recruitment and National Student Pride, we continue to increase the diversity of our teams.

Our commitment to diversity means we’ve made changes to our recruitment process. We’ve introduced CV blind interviews and have a broader capture of socioeconomic background information. This means that no aspect of your identity or background is a barrier to a successful career at Clifford Chance.

Thanks to our powerful internal networks, work with third party organisations and positive attitude, we’re making real progress here at Clifford Chance. With our strong record of inclusion behind us, diversity will continue to be a priority in every decision we make.