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8.5 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2015)


"I get in about 9:15am-9:30pm and I am very rarely out the door later than 7:00pm. I have found that the firm is not that flexible about hours: you are expected to be in at least 9:30am - 5:30pm unless there are special circumstances."
Second year trainee, London
"If you have work to do or a tight deadline you are expected to work as long as it takes to get it done in time. Saying that, there is no 'face-time' culture at Cooley and if you do not need to stay late you are encouraged to leave on time. I have only had a handful of late nights and have never stayed in the office past midnight."
First year trainee, London
"The working hours at the firm are very reasonable. I get in by 9:30am and rarely leave after 7:00pm, which seems to be commonplace. Although the firm is not that flexible on working hours, and I found that you would be expected to work at least from 9:30am-5:30pm, people very rarely work weekends."
Second year trainee, London
"I found the hours to be relatively long, but there is no expectation to stay late to keep up appearances."
Second year trainee, London
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