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Coram Chambers is very proud of its pupillage system. We have traditionally recruited our junior tenants from our pupils and have built a strong team of juniors in so doing. We see pupillage as vitally important, not only for our pupils and for chambers, but also in supporting the future of the Bar as a whole.

Our pupils receive practical and theoretical training at the highest level and of the highest quality. We have implemented training provided by members of chambers of all seniority. We have designed an informal advocacy and written assessments scheme to take place throughout the year, preparing pupils before they ‘get on their feet’.

We have a mentoring scheme which ensures that legal, practical and pastoral issues or concerns can be raised and addressed appropriately. We have always ensured that our pupils are supported, and the ethos of chambers as an approachable and friendly set ensures that this is a reality.

Pupils have three supervisors throughout the year and will experience the whole range of work undertaken in chambers. This ensures that pupils gain valuable knowledge and experience of leading cases, high profile and sensitive work, with complicated legal and factual issues and often at the very forefront of legal developments.

Members of Chambers are regularly participating in lectures, events and in writing articles and pupils are encouraged and supported to participate and to undertake speaking or writing commitments of their own.

Pupillage details

2, 12 months, fully funded specialist family law pupillages each year - £22,500 plus earnings.

Pupillages are available for family law exclusively. Pupillage arrangements are monitored and reviewed on a three-month basis to ensure the provision of as broad an experience as possible in this field. We aim to provide a well-structured and varied pupillage in a friendly, informal environment. Pupils should expect to be in court on a regular basis during their second six months.

Chambers is committed to the principle and implementation of equal opportunities and to the promotion of pro bono and human rights work. Chambers encourages FRU work.

Application details

All applications should be made via our chambers website.

Mini pupillages are available on written application marked ‘Mini-Pupillage’ to Gillian Maguire.

Student visits are not available.

If you have any other questions about pupillage or life at Coram please do get in touch by emailing

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!