At Credo, we recognise the value that diversity brings to our business, both internally and to our clients. We strive to achieve a culture of inclusion and opportunity that harnesses the professional and personal diversity of our colleagues, and allows everyone to prosper regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are committed to making Credo a welcoming environment for all, and a place where we can learn from each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and skills. Equally, we know that the fresh perspectives and creativity of diverse and dynamic teams allow our clients to derive maximum benefit from our work.

Credo is actively engaged in encouraging equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion through a number of different avenues within the firm. We want to celebrate differences and give everyone a voice, promoting an inclusive atmosphere through our Diversity& Inclusion Group which works towards ensuring that all staff are accepted, without exception, in the workplace. 

We frequently explore new and innovative approaches to training, and provide coaching, mentoring and support for all to achieve progression based on merit. This includes both internal and external initiatives, including our ‘Women in Consulting’ events that are designed to change some of the perceptions of a career in consulting.