8.5 / 10

(based on 28 ratings in 2014)


"My mentor was extremely accessible as well as the managing partners. I was sat on the same desk row as the Head of office, my mentor and another managing partner."
Intern, Birmingham
"Interns, mentors and senior management all sit in close proximity and interns are made to feel like part of the team."
Intern, London
"The mentors were very helpful indeed and would often take time out to help you if you need any for a task. They also made an effort to get to know you on a friendly basis and treat you as part of the team."
Intern, London
"I felt integrated with full-time employees as I was often sitting in a lot of the meetings and shadowed a lot of the work they did; getting involved and providing input when I can."
Intern, London
"My mentors are excellent; however, they are both understandably very busy so they can be inaccessible at times. At times I have been situated off of the team desk when there is no space, and this can make communication slightly strained. On the whole though, employees are appreciative of the input I have through my work, and have communicated well to me."
Intern, London
"My supervisor was very accessible and makes a good mentor; he constantly checked on me to see how I was getting on and generally gave feedback on tasks."
Intern, Manchester
"Staff were always available to help out with queries and problems. Good work is often recognised by numerous team members and praise is always given."
Intern, London
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