Interview Process

7.6 / 10

(based on 28 ratings in 2014)


"Cushman & Wakefield's application process involves an online application, a numeracy test, a first round interview and numeracy confirmation test, an assessment day and finally a second round interview."
Intern, London
"The interview process is extensive. Firstly, you have to fill out an online application which is four to five 250-word questions and then if you are successful here you will have to complete a numerical test. The assessment day comprises of a final round interview with a partner/associate and team exercise."
Intern, London
"The process for obtaining the internship began in March, with online essay questions. Following on from that we were told to complete an online numeracy test. The first interview was one hour with a partner of the company. After the interview we had to complete another numeracy test under exam conditions. The assessment day consisted of a team task, in which we had to create and market a movie premiere and another one hour interview with a partner of the company."
Intern, London
"It is a very competitive industry and one of the top global firms, the process is challenging, but very rewarding, whether or not you are successful!"
Intern, Manchester
"The assessment day involved a second interview and a group exercise. This interview was similar to the first, however it involved more in-depth questions. The group exercise was set out to test your team working abilities. Teams of five to six interns were bunched together and the objective was to work together to come up with a solution to this objective."
Intern, London
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