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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Be sure that you know what Danone looks for in terms of core behaviours and values. More importantly, be yourself. The culture is so engrained that if you're a right fit for Danone naturally, Danone would be a great fit for you."
Graduate, London
"Learn as much as you can about the culture and values that Danone prides itself on. This will play a big role in interview and in letting you know whether it is the right place for you."
Marketing, Graduate, Trowbridge
"Application advice: make sure you give a true representation of yourself. If you don't, it will become obvious at interview anyway. Also, make sure you practise the numerical and verbal tests online before you sit them. With a bit of practise they're not that tricky, but if you go into them cold the time pressure can make them seem harder than they are. Interview advice: a good exercise is to have a think (prior to the interviews) of two or three great examples for each competency that can be easily adapted to fit a question. However, make sure you are actually answering the question."
Marketing, Graduate, Trowbridge
"If you are truly passionate about Danone, as opposed to any other fast moving consumer goods business, prove it. Try to find out as much as you possibly can about the business and what we stand for. The most important thing to focus on is our key behaviours and values, which can be found on the website. Understand exactly what is meant by them and prepare multiple examples of when you have demonstrated these behaviours."
Graduate, London
"Understand the Danone dual social-economic purpose. Be confident and show your energy and enthusiasm as this will go far in Danone."
Graduate, Bath
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