The seven main strengths that Deloitte requires in its graduates

You could reference personal goals that you have set yourself, such as improving your confidence.

Show Deloitte that you possess the competencies it is looking for in successful applicants. Use examples from university, work experience and extra-curricular activities. Keep this list handy when filling in your application form (which you can access via the 'Apply online' button) and preparing for interviews.

  1. Communication: with clients and colleagues alike. Written communication is tested via various report-making tasks, whereas face to face communication is tested at interview and the assessment centre.
  2. Achievement of goals: candidates need to display drive and determination, as well as the ability to deliver projects on time. ‘Goals’ could also be personal goals that you have set yourself, such as improving your confidence.
  3. Commercial awareness: essentially a thorough understanding of the markets that Deloitte operates in. You’ll need to be aware of recent news as well as trends in the longer term.
  4. Career motivation: you need to show that you have thought about how your potential role at Deloitte will influence your career and your personal development. Your ambition should be tangible but realistic.
  5. Planning and organisational skills: crucial for any role, these skills are essential for risk management, which is an increasingly important necessity across the sector.
  6. Adaptability: remember that many graduate schemes at Deloitte will involve working for and with a variety of clients on very different projects, so this requirement should come as no surprise.
  7. Problem solving: this will be an important part of any role and you’ll need to show that you can deal with the variety of issues that may arise in your graduate position, whether they be technological or client-related.


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