Interview Questions


"I was asked questions regarding my experience in everything from my university life, previous work life to social life, in order to ascertain whether I had the particular character traits and capabilities that Deloitte is looking for in members of its team. They want someone who is academically capable, but they also want someone who is going to be a good fit and show the integrity that the company wishes every member of its staff to uphold."
Graduate, London
"At the manager stage I was mainly asked motivation questions, and a few background questions about me. Partner interview was very focused on my presentation, but also managed to have a conversation about my gap year, as I was applying on a deferred basis. The Partner even suggested places to travel and things to do."
Graduate, London
"For the first interview, most of the questions were around my motivations and behaviours. For the second one, most questions were about my presentation, the industry trend, knowledge about the service line, and then half of the time it was me asking the interviewer questions. Be prepared for the questions to ask, really show your curiosity about your future job and employer. That's the key."
Graduate, London
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