9.2 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2014)


"I'm currently studying for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. Training is very much encouraged whether it be online, internal or external."
Graduate, London
"The company provides you with materials, college time and study leave to make sure you can cope with your exams. Your level of ability is propelled very quickly as a result of the extensive training that is available to you. Before you begin a job on a client you are given extremely helpful training to prepare you so that you always feel ready."
Graduate, London
"Training is split between formalised training weeks, college time for ACA exams and on-the-job training. Training on the whole is very fast-paced."
Graduate, London
"The joiner's training lasts about two weeks and is very intense, covering from IT system to client skills. As I progress, I'm free to enrol with any e-learning courses within our internal system. In addition, the training manager guides us to make a training plan, including professional qualifications and certificates. Training is on-going and endless fun. I've taken 'Capital Markets 101' with external tuition providers, 'Investment Management 101' by service line partner and directors, and some advanced spreadsheet techniques."
Graduate, London
"The training was very thorough and in the last few months I have learned an incredible amount. You do feel like you are being provided with an overload of information, but you would be surprised how much of it you actually retain."
Graduate, Birmingham
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