Dexters Estate Agents

My sister used to work for Dexters so I had already heard great things about the company from her so knew it was one of the firms I wanted to approach. I was working as an Account Executive and was ready for a change.

My interviews are what sealed it for me, the team stood out from the rest and I knew it was the right opportunity. There is a thread of similarity throughout the entire company, at all levels. Although there are different management levels, there is never a hierarchy, the teams are cheeky, bubbly and professional, they are full of knowledge and this shines through to our clients. We are looking for properties with them not just for them.

The training that I have been given at Dexters from the Coaching team to the Directors has been amazing. Whenever you come across something new you know someone has been there before and can help you. There is a lot of support and it is comforting to know.

The favourite part of my day has to be the morning meetings as it’s how you get your day started right! You know what everyone is focused on for the week, whilst having fun and bonding.

Hyde Park is my top London landmark; it brings everyone together from all over the world. You can go there anytime of the year and you’ve always got an event on to enjoy.